Measure at Home Gauge

Measure your child's feet at home
using our paper measuring gauge

Here are all the steps to successfully measure at home and find the size and width required.

Full instructions plus notes about variations with different brands.

Step 1 - Download and print the paper gauge and the instructions.

Step 2 - Follow the instructions to obtain the measurements in millimetres

Step 3 - Use the lookup table to find the correct Start-rite size and width

Step 4 - (optional) If you are buying a brand other than Start-rite read the brand notes and apply the corrections

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When you receive your shoes you need to apply our 'Fit check' procedure

Paper gauge - download
Gauge Instructions - download
Brand variation notes
Checking the fit at home


The table (below) will give you the required shoe size for Start-rite shoes.
If you are buying another brand (Clarks, Geox etc...) you first need to find the Start-rite size then see the 'Brand variation notes' for the brand you are buying to find the size you need in that brand.
1. Using the length measurement of the longest foot find the corresponding row in the table - note down the ‘size’ from the SIZE column.

2. Within the row (in step 1) using the width measurement of the widest foot, find matching column. Note down the the FIT letter from the column label.

left foot: length measured was 167mm, width 171mm
right foot: length measured was 166mm, width 172mm
Go into table using: length 167 (from the left foot) and width 172 (from the right foot)
Result: size 10 Jnr, width F
If you were buying a Start-rite shoe you'd need size: 10 Jnr F
If you were buying a Clarks shoe you would now use this (10 Jnr F) with the Clarks notes in our Brand Variations page.
Should you need any further help when using the fitting gauge and the information provided email us on or you can reach out to us on our social media channels.

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