Brand sizing notes

BRAND notes – variations from the Start-rite sizes

If you are buying a shoe style from the Start-rite brand you do not need these notes - just order the size that you have already determined from the Start-rite size table.


Many brands use the EU sizing convention. For these brands first use the Start-rite to EU conversion table (below), then see the notes for the brand you are buying.

Note – You’ll notice that some Start-rite sizes do not convert directly to an EU size (we have left these EU sizes blank in our table). With these it’s your choice as to which way you go, up or down. E.g. Start-rite size 6.5 Jnr falls between as 23 and 24 EU.

Widths – most European brands do not offer width options. If your child measures very wide (H) or very narrow (E) consider choosing a brand that does have width options.


Brand Size type Notes
Angulus EU Average to wide width fitting
Birkenstock EU Average to wide width fitting
Bobux EU Average width fitting. Bobux tend to be long in length so go down half a Start-rite size from your Start-Rite measurement
Clarks UK UK sizing, but go up half a size from the Start-Rite measurement. Use the same width as Start-Rite
Froddo EU Narrow to average width fitting
Geox EU Average to wide width fitting
Hush Puppies UK UK sizing with 3 different width fitting insoles with their ‘3-way fit’ styles. Go up half a size from the Start-Rite measurement
Lelli Kelly EU These come in width fittings - F is average and G is quite wide
Shoo Pom EU Narrow to average width fitting. Shoo Pom come up slightly small, so go up an EU size
Skechers UK UK sizing – but go up half a size from the Start-Rite measurement
Salt-Water *special Have their own sizing chart which we have included below


Salt-Water sandals – Special conversion tables

1. There are no half-sizes in the Salt-Water brand.

2. There are 2 tables – one general table and one for the ”Sun-San” styles.

The ‘Sun-San’ styles are:
Surfer / Swimmer / Sweetheart / Shark / Seawee

For these styles use this table…
For the other Salt-Water styles use this table…
The size option you pick on our product page will be the ‘Salt-Water’ size.