Vera Pelle Bags

Vera Pelle leather bags from Italy. Handbags, cross-body bags, clutch and shoulder bags in vibrant colours and classic styles.
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Vera Pelle Womens Cream Leather Handbag with Surround Zip

Brand: Vera Pelle Bags Style: Handbag Ref: BTA201 CRM Colour: Cream Elegant handbag in rich crea..

£63.00 £56.70 Ex Tax: £47.25

Womens Large Navy Blue Handbag

Brand: Vera Pelle Style: Structured Handbag Navy Ref: BTAR833 Navy Colour: Grey Blue A stunning ..

£83.00 £49.80 Ex Tax: £41.50

Womens Large Black Handbag

Brand: Vera Pelle Style: Structured Handbag Black Ref: BTAR833 Black Colour: Black A stunning ha..

£83.00 £49.80 Ex Tax: £41.50

Vera Pelle Womens Purple Cross Strap Purple Leather Bag

Brand: Vera Pelle Style: Cross strap bag Purple Ref: BTAF220Purpl Colour: Purple A smart, sleek ..

£60.00 £54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Bagitali Womens Black Handbag / Shoulder Leather Bag

Brand: Bagitali Style: Handbag Black Ref: BTAV110Black Colour: Black A lovely black leather hand..

£28.00 £18.20 Ex Tax: £15.16