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Accuracy of Content and Pricing

Ogam Igam takes care to ensure that the descriptions of all items presented on this site are accurate.

Pricing details may be adjusted from time to time but are correct at the time of order.
All prices include UK VAT when this is applicable. Receipts, containing the VAT amounts, will be enclosed with the delivered goods.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the colours of items displayed on or website will be accurate the actual displayed colours on your monitor should only be taken as a guide.

International sales - Taxes
Value Added Tax (VAT) is removed from our prices when the shipping address is outside the European Union (EU).
Customers should be aware that import taxes may be applied at the entry point of countries that are outside the EU and that it is the customers responsibility to pay any import tax applied.

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Any reproductions without permission will be treated as breach of copyright and will be pursued accordingly.
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