The German brand Romika was originally established in 1922 producing footwear soles as well as bicycle inner tubes and hot water bottles! By the 80's Romika were well established in the footwear market with an emphasis on fitness, leisure and fashion and during this period they developed the worldwide innovation of using a membrane technique in footwear, as can be seen with our selection of their TopdryTex waterproof boots. Romika also produce some super designs in wool felt mule slippers.
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Romika Mikado 97 Womens Brown Slipper

Brand: Romika Style: Mikado 97 Ref: RKA2209759301 Colour: Braun Mikado 97 from Romika are open-b..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £37.50

Romika Vegas 05 Womens Black Waterproof Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Vegas 05 Ref: RKA2100573100 Colour: Black Vegas 05 by Romika is a black wom..

£89.00 Ex Tax: £74.17

Romika Nadja 134 Womens Black Waterproof Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Nadja 134 Ref: RKA3513474100 Colour: Black Women's waterproof mid calf blac..

£89.00 £62.30 Ex Tax: £51.92

Romika Nadja 101 Womens Black Waterproof Ankle Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Nadja 101 Ref: RKA351017418100 Colour: Black Women's waterproof lightweight..

£79.00 Ex Tax: £65.83

Romika Nadja 126 Womens Black Boot Waterproof Ankle Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Nadja 126 Ref: RKA35126PL74100 Colour: BlackMaterials: Upper: Texti..

£79.00 Ex Tax: £65.83

Romika Spike 115 Womens Ocean Blue Waterproof Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Spike 115 Ref: RKA5451505505 Colour: Ocean Blue A very sturdy, supple water..

£95.00 £49.00 Ex Tax: £40.83

Romika Aqualight Womens Black Waterproof Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Aqualight Ref: RKA5121075100 Colour: Schwarz Women's wedged ankle boot in s..

£95.00 £49.00 Ex Tax: £40.83

Romika Barbara 101 Womens Cashmere Brown Sandal

Brand: Romika Style: Barbara 101 Ref: RKA6430101351 Colour: Cashmere• Women's open toe, sling..

£65.00 £32.50 Ex Tax: £27.09

Romika Lilly 01 Womens Rot / Red Shoe

Brand: Romika Style: Lilly 01 Ref: RKA6930101400 Colour: Rot• Women's lace up shoe in smooth ..

£69.00 £41.40 Ex Tax: £34.50

Romika Kathe 03 Womens Black Slipper

Brand: Romika Style: Kathe 03 Ref: RKA184035418100 Colour: Black• Lightweight, cosy felted sl..

£35.00 £24.50 Ex Tax: £20.42

Romika Colorado Womens Waterproof Fleece Green Boot

Brand: Romika Style: Colarado 118 Ref: RKA5802876616 Colour: Olive The Colorado boot is waterpro..

£69.00 £34.50 Ex Tax: £28.75