Primigi Shoes for Kids

Primigi is an established brand of Children's shoes and boots. With hundreds of variations in different colours, shapes and sizes there is something for everyone, from the stylish Primigi boots for kids to the more classic summer Primigi shoes for boys and girls. This is one of our most popular and fast selling shoe brands, get some today before its too late!
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Primigi PHW 8087 Girl's Anthracite Boot

Brand: Primigi Style: PHW 8087 Ref: PRG8087200 Colour: Anthracite Girl's ankle boot in smooth an..

£47.00 £35.25 Ex Tax: £35.25

Primigi PHK 8114 Boys Black School Shoe

Boys School Shoes Brand: Primigi Style: PHK 8114 Ref: PRG8114077 Colour: Black Primigi's black ..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Primigi PWT 8147 Girls Tall Black Boot

Brand: Primigi Style: PWT 8147 Ref: PRG8147000 Colour: Black From the weekend to school days, Pr..

£60.00 £48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Primigi PTF 8136 Girls Black School Shoe

Girls School Shoes Brand: Primigi Style: PTF 8136 Ref: PRG8136177 Colour: Black Style no.PTF 81..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £40.00

Primigi PHC 8095 Girls Blue Shoe

Brand: Primigi Style: PHC 8095 Ref: PRG8095100 Colour: Blue Style no. PHC 8095 from Primigi is a..

£34.00 £23.80 Ex Tax: £23.80

Primigi Girls Viola Sandal PBR 7594

Brand: Primigi Style: PBR 7594 Ref: PRG7594500 Colour: Viola Girl's open toe, open heel sandal i..

£37.00 £25.90 Ex Tax: £25.90

Primigi Girls Geranio-Barbie Pink Sandal PBD 7068

Brand: Primigi Style: PBD 7068 Ref: PRG7068077 Colour: Geranio/Barbie Infant girl's closed toe, ..

£39.00 £27.30 Ex Tax: £27.30

Primigi Girls Cipria Pink Sandal PDL 7162

Brand: Primigi Style: PDL 7162 Ref: PRG7162000 Colour: Cipria Girl's open toe, open heel sandal ..

£37.00 £25.90 Ex Tax: £25.90

Primigi Girls Taupe-Bianco Shoe PLE 7000

Brand: Primigi Style: PLE 7000 Ref: PRG7000177 Colour: Taupe/Bianco Infant girl's pre-walker sho..

£28.00 £19.60 Ex Tax: £19.60

Primigi Girls Giallo Yellow Shoe PTF 7186

Brand: Primigi Style: PTF 7186 Ref: PRG7186777 Colour: Giallo Girl's Mary Jane style shoe in sof..

£39.00 £27.30 Ex Tax: £27.30

Primigi Morine 1-E Girls Black School Shoe

Girls School Shoes Brand: Primigi Style: Morine 1-E Ref: PRG6159377 Colour: Black Girl's Mary J..

£38.00 Ex Tax: £38.00

Primigi POY 7309 Girls Bianco Shoe

Brand: Primigi Style: POY 7309 Ref: PRG7309500 Colour: Bianco This girl's white canvas shoe from..

£28.00 £19.60 Ex Tax: £19.60

Primigi Poy 7308 Girls Jeans-Fuxia Shoe

Brand: Primigi Style: Poy 7308 Ref: PRG73083000 Colour: Jeans/Fuxia This girl's slip-on canvas s..

£28.00 £19.60 Ex Tax: £19.60

Primigi POY 7308 Boys Navy Shoe

Brand: Primigi Style: POY 7308 Ref: PRG7308100 Colour: Navy This slip-on canvas shoe from Primig..

£28.00 £18.20 Ex Tax: £18.20

Primigi POY 7039 Boys Blue Shoe

Brand: Primigi Style: POY 7039 Ref: PRG7309000 Colour: Blue This boy's navy canvas shoe from Pri..

£28.00 £18.20 Ex Tax: £18.20

Primigi Olea Girls Black School Shoe

Girls School Shoes Brand: Primigi Style: Olea Ref: PRG6566477 Colour: Black Olea from Primigi i..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Primigi PPD 7079 Boys Avio Blue Sandal

Brand: Primigi Style: PPD 7079 Ref: PRG7079200 Colour: Avio Boy's open-toe sandal in soft grey-b..

£37.00 £25.90 Ex Tax: £25.90

Primigi Girls White Bianco Sandal PDL 7163

Brand: Primigi Style: PDL 7163 Ref: PRG7163200 Colour: Bianco Girl's white leather sandal from P..

£39.00 £27.30 Ex Tax: £27.30

Primigi Boys Blue Shoe PHK 7147

Brand: Primigi Style: PHK 7147 Ref: PRG7147077 Colour: Blue Sneaker style boy's shoe in dark blu..

£48.00 £33.60 Ex Tax: £33.60

Primigi Zizzy Girls Black-Pink Boot

Brand: Primigi Style: Zizzy Ref: PRG6523000 Colour: Black/Pink Zizzy is a girl's charming lightw..

£30.00 £15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00