Girls' wedding sandals

We've put together this selection of girls' white, silver and gold sandals that you may find suitable for weddings. Quality brands Lelli Kelly, Primigi, Geox. Please give us a call if you need any help.
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Lelli Kelly Noemi Girls Bianco White Sandal

Brand: Lelli Kelly Style: Noemi Ref: LLK9520CA01 Colour: Bianco The 'Noemi' from Lelli Kelly i..

£39.90 £29.93 Ex Tax: £29.93

Primigi PAL 33900 Girls Bianco Argento White Silver Sandal

Brand: Primigi Style: PAL 33900 Ref: PRG3390044 Colour: Bianco/Argento A dependable classic summ..

£38.00 £28.50 Ex Tax: £28.50

Salt-Water Sweetheart Girls Silver Sandal

Brand: Salt-Water Style: Sweetheart Silver Ref: SWS1412S Colour: Silver A pretty sandal with hea..

£42.00 £33.60 Ex Tax: £33.60

Salt-Water Classic Silver Girls Sandal

Brand: Salt-Water Style: Classic Silver Ref: SWS912S Colour: Silver Salt-Water Classic sandal in..

£49.50 £39.60 Ex Tax: £39.60

Lelli Kelly Mila Girls Multi Fantasia Sandal

Brand: Lelli Kelly Style: Mila Ref: LLK5400BX02 Colour: Multi Fantasia These summery sandals are..

£44.90 £31.43 Ex Tax: £31.43

Salt-Water Classic Girls Shiny Yellow Sandal

Brand: Salt-Water Style: Classic Shiny Yellow Ref: SWS901S Colour: Shiny Yellow The Classic Salt..

£49.50 £39.60 Ex Tax: £39.60

Salt-Water Seawee Girls White Sandal

Brand: Salt-Water Style: Seawee White Ref: SWS2003 Colour: White A mini version of Salt-Water sa..

£36.00 £28.80 Ex Tax: £28.80

Salt-Water Original Girls Silver Sandal

Brand: Salt-Water Style: Original Silver Ref: SWS812S Colour: Silver Girl's silver leather open-..

£47.00 £37.60 Ex Tax: £37.60

Primigi Girls Cipria Pink Sandal PDL 7162

Brand: Primigi Style: PDL 7162 Ref: PRG7162000 Colour: Cipria Girl's open toe, open heel sandal ..

£37.00 £25.90 Ex Tax: £25.90

Geox Aloha Girls Beige Sandal

Brand: Geox Style: Aloha Ref: GEXJ7214AC5000 Colour: Beige Aloha from Geox is an open toe, open ..

£47.00 £32.90 Ex Tax: £32.90

Primigi Girls White Bianco Sandal PDL 7163

Brand: Primigi Style: PDL 7163 Ref: PRG7163200 Colour: Bianco Girl's white leather sandal from P..

£39.00 £27.30 Ex Tax: £27.30

Primigi Camelie-E Girls Aqua Sandal

Brand: Primigi Style: Camelie-E Ref: PRG5162077 Colour: Aqua Camelie-E from Primigi is a girl's ..

£38.00 £24.70 Ex Tax: £24.70