Geox Shoes for Girls

Our range of girl’s Geox footwear. Lots to choose from in school shoes, trainers, boots and sandals. All come with their Respira technology that provides comfort via a breathable sole membrane that allows foot moisture to escape whilst keeping the elements out. Take a look at the Borealis and Roxanne range for some great beach sandals for the summer.
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Geox Macchia Girls Lilac Closed Toe Sandal

Brand: Geox Style: Macchia Ref: GEXB254WBC8037 Colour: Lilac The Macchia by Geox is a sweet close..

£47.50 Ex Tax: £47.50

Geox Sprintye Girls Pink/Lilac Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  SprintyeRef: GEXB254TEC8842Colour: Pink/Lilac Materials: Upper: Tex..

£46.00 Ex Tax: £46.00

Geox Pavel Girls Dark Pink/White Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Pavel Ref: GEXJ048CAC8241 Colour: Dark Pink/WhiteMaterials: Upper: Te..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Geox Assister Girls Violet/Watersea Light Up Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  AssisterRef: GEXJ25E9BC8X3BColour: Purple/Turquoise Geox A..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Geox Alben Girls Rose/Off White Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: AlbenRef: GEXB023ZAC8556Colour: Rose/Off WhiteMaterials:Upper:..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Geox Sprintye Girls Fuchsia/Lilac Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  SprintyeRef: GEXB254TBC8257 Colour: Fuchsia/Lilac Materials: Upper:..

£39.00 Ex Tax: £39.00

Geox Trottola Girls Dark Grey/Dark Pink Warm Lined Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: TrottolaRef: GEXB264ABC1377Colour: Dark Grey/Dark PinkMaterial..

£49.00 £36.75 Ex Tax: £36.75

Geox Spaceclub Little Mermaid Girls Pink/Watersea Light Up Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: SpaceclubRef: GEXJ358VACE83BColour: Pink/Watersea Ariel T..

£57.50 Ex Tax: £57.50

Geox Phaolae Girls Black Chelsea Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: PhaolaeRef: GEXJ16ETCC9997Colour: Black Materials:Upper: ..

£60.00 £45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Geox Aril Girls Dark Silver/Lilac Light Up Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: ArilRef: GEXJ16DLAC1335Colour: Dark Silver/LilacMaterials:Uppe..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Geox Biglia Girls Old Rose Smoke/ Silver Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: BigliaRef: GEXB044CCC8360Colour: Rose Smoke/Dark SilverMade fr..

£47.50 £35.63 Ex Tax: £35.63

Geox Aril Girls Rose/Black Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  ArilRef: GXJ16DLBC8106 Colour: Rose/Black Materials: Upper: Textil..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £40.00

Geox Spaceclub Girls Silver/Pink Lights Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Spaceclub Ref: GEXJ268VBC0566Colour: Silver/PinkMaterials: Upp..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

Geox Pyrip Girls Cyclamen/Dark Violet Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: PyripRef: GEXB264XAC8377Colour: Cyclamen/Dark VioletMaterials:..

£41.00 Ex Tax: £41.00

Geox Kalispera Girls Violet Hi-Top Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: KalisperaRef: GEXJ744GIC8015Colour: Violet Materials:Uppe..

£50.00 £37.50 Ex Tax: £37.50

Geox Kalispera Girls Dark Pink Hi-Top Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: KalisperaRef: GEXJ744GIC8006Colour: Dark PinkMaterials:Upper: ..

£50.00 £37.50 Ex Tax: £37.50

Geox Gisli Girls Dark Pink Ankle Boot

Brand: Geox Style: Gisli Ref: GEXB261MAC8006Colour: Dark PinkMaterials: Upper: Textile Synthe..

£39.00 £29.25 Ex Tax: £29.25

Geox Gillyjaw Girls Black Tall Chelsea Boot

Brand: GeoxStyle: GillyjawRef: GEXJ267XDC9999Colour: Black Materials:Upper:..

£70.00 £52.50 Ex Tax: £52.50

Geox Fastics Girls Rose Smoke Pink Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  FasticsRef: GEXJ26GZBC8025Colour: Fuchsia/Sky Materials: Upper: Tex..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Geox Fastics Girls Black/Fuchsia Animal Print Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  FasticsRef: GEXJ26GZCC0922Colour: Black Materials: Upper: Leather S..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00