Geox Shoes, Boots and Trainers

Our range of Geox footwear. This Italian brand shines when it comes to styling, comfort and footwear technology. The ‘Geox breathes’ Respira technology provides comfort via a breathable sole membrane that allows foot moisture to escape whilst keeping the elements out. This together with their durable construction makes them especially suited for active kids, both in trainers and Geox school shoes. Take a look at our boys’ Geox trainers and girls’ Geox boots.
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Geox Trottola Boys Navy Shoe

Brand: Geox Style: Trottola Ref: GEXB0243AC4002 Colour: Navy These navy blue low-top trainers by..

£46.00 £36.80 Ex Tax: £36.80

Geox Pavel Girls Fuchsia-Pink Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Pavel Ref: GEXJ928CAC8230 Colour: Fuchsia/Pink Cute and comfortable these h..

£47.50 £38.00 Ex Tax: £38.00

Geox Strada Boys Dark Grey-Red Sandal

Brand: Geox Style: Strada Ref: GEXJ0224BC0047 Colour: Dark Grey/Red Geox Strada is a classic b..

£45.00 £36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

Geox Borealis Boys Navy-Orange Sandal

Brand: Geox Style: Borealis Ref: GEXJ920RBC0659 Colour: Navy/Orange The Borealis sandal is stu..

£47.50 £38.00 Ex Tax: £38.00

Geox DJRock Girls Light Rose Pink-Silver Shoe

Brand: Geox Style: DJRock Ref: GEXB921WBC8237 Colour: Light Rose/Silver Pastel shades and swee..

£44.00 £35.20 Ex Tax: £35.20

Geox Dakin Boys Royal Blue-Red Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Dakin Ref: GEXB022PAC0833 Colour: Royal/Red Geox Dakin is a fun and bright ..

£49.00 £39.20 Ex Tax: £39.20

Geox Skylin Girls Navy-Lilac Hi-top Boot Trainer style with lights

Brand: Geox Style: Skylin Ref: GEXJ028WDC4215 Colour: Navy/Lilac Girl's breathable sneaker wit..

£52.50 £39.38 Ex Tax: £39.38

Geox Vaniett Boys Navy-Red Sandal

Brand: Geox Style: Vaniett Ref: GEXJ025XAC0735 Colour: Navy/Red The Vaniett boys sandal from G..

£37.50 £30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Geox Tuono Boys Navy-Orange Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Tuono Ref: GEXJ02AXAC0659 Colour: Navy/Orange Geox Tuono is a fun and bright ..

£47.50 £38.00 Ex Tax: £38.00

Geox Poseido Boys Navy-Grey Shoe

Brand: Geox Style: Poseido Ref: GEXJ02BCAC0661 Colour: Navy/Grey Geox Poseido is a fashionable..

£52.50 £42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Geox Pavel Boys Navy-Red Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Pavel Ref: GEXJ9215AC0735 Colour: Navy/Red The Geox Pavel is a sporty boys ..

£47.50 £38.00 Ex Tax: £38.00

Geox Android Boys Royal-Orange Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Android Ref: GEXJ0244CC0685 Colour: Royal/Orange Blazing colours and flashi..

£52.50 £42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Geox Torque Girls Avio Blue Light Gold Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Torque Ref: GEXJ028HAC4B2L Colour: Avio/Light Gold Geox Torque is a combina..

£37.50 £30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Geox Spaceclub Girls Navy-Lilac Lights Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Spaceclub Ref: GEXJ028VDC4215 Colour: Navy/Lilac Prepare to be dazzled by t..

£52.50 £42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Geox Casey Girls Black Ankle Boot

Brand: Geox Style: Casey Ref: GEXJ94AFCC9999 Colour: Black Geox's Casey is this season's must ..

£80.00 £52.00 Ex Tax: £52.00

Geox Perth Boys Navy-Light Brown Boot

Brand: Geox Style: Perth Ref: GEXJ947RDC4220 Colour: Navy/Light Brown This smart casual boot i..

£60.00 £39.00 Ex Tax: £39.00

Geox Pavel Girls Navy-Purple Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Pavel Ref: GEXJ948CAC4269 Colour: Navy/Purple The Geox 'Pavel' is a sturdy ..

£45.00 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Geox Casey Girls Black Warm-lined Ankle Boot

Brand: Geox Style: Casey Ref: GEXJ94AFAC9999 Colour: Black Conquer the cold in a pair of Casey..

£67.50 £40.50 Ex Tax: £40.50

Geox Shaax Boys Cognac-Dark Navy Shoe

Brand: Geox Style: Shaax Ref: GEXB9732DC6N4P Colour: Cognac/Dark Navy Keep them looking smart ..

£44.00 £30.80 Ex Tax: £30.80

Geox Waviness Girls Grey-Rose Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Waviness Ref: GEXJ946DCC1FK8 Colour: Grey/Rose The ‘Waviness’ trainer is a gr..

£37.50 £26.25 Ex Tax: £26.25