Ogam Igam offers a range of Garvalin shoes and boots for boys and girls. This Spanish company's commitment to quality is shown in the meticulous insides, removable anti-bacteria insoles, natural leather linings and in their respect for the environment in all processes.

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Garvalin 162811 Boys Green Sandal

Brand: Garvalin Style: 162811 Ref: GVL162811 Colour: Verde Boy's lightweight open toe and heel s..

£24.00 £12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Garvalin 162810 Boys Azul Sandal

Brand: Garvalin Style: 162810 Ref: GVL162810 Colour: Azul A sporty sandal/trainer hybrid that wi..

£24.00 £12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Garvalin 141524 Girls Marengo Boot

Brand: Garvalin Style: 141524 Ref: GVL141524 Colour: Marengo Girl's tall leather boot in a deep ..

£64.00 £32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Garvalin 141333 Girls Burdeos Purple Ankle Boot

Brand: Garvalin Style: 141333 Ref: GVL141333 Colour: Burdeos Red Infant girl's ankle boot in glo..

£43.00 £21.50 Ex Tax: £21.50

Garvalin 142800 Boys Red Water-friendly Jelly Sandal

Brand: Garvalin Style: 142800 Ref: GVL142800 Colour: Red• Boys water-friendly red jelly shoes..

£21.00 £10.50 Ex Tax: £10.50

Garvalin Infants Boys Girls Beige Pre Walker Shoe 112323

Brand: Garvalin Style: 112323 Beige Ref: GVL112323 Colour: Beige This pre-walker is a great neut..

£35.00 £10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00