Froddo shoes

Children's shoe brand from Croatia that focuses on children's health and the environment - creating a range of colourful kids' shoes in soft, chrome-free leathers and made with water-based adhesives. Their pre-walker and first-walker shoes shoes are beautifully designed, have super flexible rubber soles and typically provide great bumper protection. New to Ogam Igam with just a few starter styles, including a girls' Mary Jane school shoe, we'll be expanding our range of Froddo shoes later in the year.

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Froddo G31501443 Boys Brown Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G31501443 Ref: FRDG31501443 Colour: Brown Sturdy and practical, the Froddo ..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £49.00

Froddo G3150143 Boys Blue Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G3150143 Ref: FRDG3150143 Colour: Blue This traditional sandal in a fun roy..

£46.00 Ex Tax: £46.00

Froddo G31501334 Girls Pink Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G31501334 Ref: FRDG31501334 Colour: Pink A delightful addition to any girl'..

£46.00 Ex Tax: £46.00

Froddo G315012812 Girls Brown Petals Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G315012812 Ref: FRDG315012812 Colour: Brown Providing a beautiful contrast ..

£47.00 Ex Tax: £47.00

Froddo G31501265 Girls Light Blue Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G31501265 Ref: FRDG31501265 Colour: Light Blue The show stopping sky blue l..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £49.00

Froddo G3140082 Girls Fuxia Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G3140082 Ref: FRDG3140082 Colour: Fuxia Pretty in pink, the Froddo Fuxia gi..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £49.00

Froddo G21500983 Girls Lilac Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G21500983 Ref: FRDG21500983 Colour: Lilac The structured and padded ankle c..

£47.00 Ex Tax: £47.00

Froddo G2150094 Girls Fuchsia Sandal

Brand: Froddo Style: G2150094 Ref: FRDG2150094 Colour: Fuchsia The Froddo fuchsia sandal feature..

£47.00 Ex Tax: £47.00

Froddo G2150090 Infant Boys Dark Blue Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G2150090 Ref: FRDG2150090 Colour: Dark Blue Soft and supple, these Froddo s..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £49.00

Froddo G21500892 Infants Light Blue Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G21500892 Ref: FRDG21500892 Colour: Light Blue Periwinkle perfection, these..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Froddo G2140040 Girls Yellow Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G2140040 Ref: FRDG2140040 Colour: Yellow Put a ray of sunshine in their eve..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Froddo G3160080 Girls Bronze Chelsea Boot

Brand: Froddo Style: G3160080 Ref: FRDG316008013 Colour: Bronze The Froddo G3160080 is a beautif..

£62.00 £46.50 Ex Tax: £46.50

Froddo G3160086 Girls Bordeaux Red Boot

Brand: Froddo Style: G3160086 Ref: FRDG31600861L Colour: Bordeaux Beautiful in bordeaux, our Fro..

£70.00 £52.50 Ex Tax: £52.50

Froddo G3160080 Girls Boys Cognac Chelsea Boot

Brand: Froddo Style: G3160080 Ref: FRDG31600804 Colour: Cognac Croatian hertitage brand Froddo p..

£62.00 £46.50 Ex Tax: £46.50

Froddo G2160040 Infant Girls Bordeaux Boot

Brand: Froddo Style: G2160040 Ref: FRDG21600406K Colour: Bordeaux Beautiful inside and out, our ..

£54.00 £40.50 Ex Tax: £40.50

Froddo G1360083 Girls Brown Boot

Brand: Froddo Style: G1360083 Ref: FRDG31600835 Colour: Brown Perfect for keeping their feet war..

£74.00 £55.50 Ex Tax: £55.50

Froddo Infant Girls White Patent Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G21400357 Ref: FRDG21400357 Colour: White An infant girls' t-bar shoe in wh..

£46.00 £36.80 Ex Tax: £36.80

Froddo Infant Boys Blue Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G21500742 Ref: FRDG21500742 Colour: Blue A beautifully designed summer shoe..

£49.00 £36.75 Ex Tax: £36.75

Froddo Girls Pink Fuchsia Mary Jane style Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G31400702 Ref: FRDG31400702 Colour: Pink An attractive Mary Jane style shoe..

£48.00 £36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

Froddo Girls Black Mary Jane style School Shoe

Brand: Froddo Style: G31400073 Ref: FRDG31400073 Colour: Black Girls' black Mary Jane style scho..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00