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Super range of Geox and Skechers trainers for boys to choose from here. We stock a wide range of sizes to suit from infants right through to senior boys. There's lots of variety in colour, style and fastening types, plus choice of leather footbeds or Memory Foam. Call us or email if you need assistance.

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Skechers Flex Glow Elite Vorlo Boys Navy Black Blue Lights Trainer

Brand: SkechersStyle: Flex Glow Elite VorloRef: SKT400137NBKRBColour: Black BlueMater..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Skechers Dynamight Votix Boys Charcoal Grey Trainer

Brand: SkechersStyle: Flex Glow Elite VorloRef: SKT405228NCHARColour: CharcoalMateria..

£37.00 Ex Tax: £37.00

Geox Iupidoo Boys Red/Navy Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Iupidoo Ref: GEXB3555DC0735 Colour: Navy/ RedMaterials: Upper: Textile Le..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Geox Alben Boys Red/Navy Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Alben Ref: GEXB043CDC7217 Colour: Navy/ RedMaterials: Upper: Textile Synt..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Primigi Runner Boys Navy Trainer

Brand: Primigi Style: Runner Ref: PRG3957222Colour: NavyMaterials: Upper: Synthetic Texti..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Geox Inek Boys Navy/Red Flame Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: InekRef: GEXJ359CBC0735Colour: Navy/RedMaterials:Upper: Synthe..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

Geox Bayonc Boys Royal/Blue Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: BayoncRef: GEXJ16FEAC4255Colour: Royal/BlueMaterials:Upper: Sy..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

Hummel Reach 250 Tex Boys Navy Waterproof Trainer

Brand: Hummel Style: Reach 250 TexRef: HUM2154251009Colour: Black IrisKids ..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Hummel Reach 250 Tex Boys Black/Green Waterproof Trainer

Brand: Hummel Style: Reach 250 TexRef: HUM2154252001Colour: Black Kids..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Hummel Crosslite Winter Girls Rose Pink Trainer

Brand: Hummel Style: Crosslite WinterRef: HUM2154284338Colour: Deco RoseYou..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £40.00

Hummel Crosslite Winter Boys Navy Trainer

Brand: Hummel Style: Crosslite WinterRef: HUM2154281009Colour: Black IrisYo..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £40.00

Hummel Actus Tex Boys Olive Green Waterproof Trainer

Brand: Hummel Style: Actus TexRef: HUM2154056086Colour: Dark OliveLet them ..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

Geox Tuono Spiderman Boys Navy/Red Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: TuonoRef: GEXJ35AXBC0735Colour: Navy/REdMaterials:Upper: Synth..

£57.50 Ex Tax: £57.50

Geox Todo Spiderman Boys Navy/Red Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: TodoRef: GEXB2684AC0735Colour: Navy/RedMaterials:Upper: S..

£56.00 Ex Tax: £56.00

Geox Bayonc Spiderman Boys Navy/Royal Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: BayoncRef: GEXJ26FEBC4226Colour: Navy/RoyalMaterials:Upper: Sy..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Geox Bayonc Ironman Boys Black/Red Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: BayoncRef: GEXJ35FECC0048Colour: Black/RedMaterials:Upper: Syn..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Geox Bayonc Hulk Boys Black/Green Lights Trainer

Brand: GeoxStyle: BayoncRef: GEXJ35FEBC0016Colour: Black/GreenMaterials:Upper: S..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Geox Baltic Boys Navy/Orange Waterproof Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Baltic Ref: GEX2642AC0659Colour: Navy/OrangeMaterials: Upper: Synth..

£57.50 Ex Tax: £57.50

Geox Sprintye Boys Navy/Royal Trainer

Brand: Geox Style:  SprintyeRef: GEXB254UCC4226Colour: Navy/Royal Materials: Upper: Tex..

£39.00 Ex Tax: £39.00

Primigi Mega Trekk Boys Navy Trainer

Brand: Primigi Style: mega Trekk Ref: PRG2958122Colour: NavyThese Primigi trainers are very p..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00