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Super range of Geox and Skechers trainers for boys to choose from here. We stock a wide range of sizes to suit from infants right through to senior boys. There's lots of variety in colour, style and fastening types, plus choice of leather footbeds or Memory Foam. Call us or email if you need assistance.

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Skechers Go Run 600 Baxtux Boys Navy-Lime Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Go Run 600 Baxtux Ref: SKT97858NNVLM Colour: Navy/LimeMaterials:..

£29.00 Ex Tax: £29.00

Skechers Dynamight Vordix Boys Navy-Lime Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Dynamight Vordix Ref: SKT97786LNVLM Colour: Navy/Lime Play in sporty styl..

£34.00 Ex Tax: £34.00

Skechers Comfy Flex Boys Royal Blue Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Comfy Flex Ref: SKT400045NRYL Colour: Royal Blue Little Boys will love ..

£29.00 Ex Tax: £29.00

Primigi 5451433 Boys Grigio-Navy Blue Grey Trainer

Brand: Primigi Style: 5451433 Ref: PRG5451433 Colour: Grigio/Navy These Primigi trainers are v..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £24.00

Geox Dakin Boys Royal Blue-Red Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Dakin Ref: GEXB022PAC0833 Colour: Royal/Red Geox Dakin is a fun and bright ..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £49.00

Geox Tuono Boys Navy-Orange Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Tuono Ref: GEXJ02AXAC0659 Colour: Navy/Orange Geox Tuono is a fun and brigh..

£47.50 Ex Tax: £47.50

Geox Pavel Boys Navy-Red Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Pavel Ref: GEXJ9215AC0735 Colour: Navy/Red The Geox Pavel is a sporty boys ..

£47.50 Ex Tax: £47.50

Geox Android Boys Royal-Orange Trainer

Brand: Geox Style: Android Ref: GEXJ0244CC0685 Colour: Royal/Orange Blazing colours and flashi..

£52.50 Ex Tax: £52.50

Veja V-12 Velcro Boys Girls White Multico Indigo Trainer

Brand: Veja Style: V-12 Velcro Ref: VEJVSJV021838 Colour: White Multico Indigo Gorgeous minima..

£67.00 Ex Tax: £67.00

Veja V-10 Velcro Boys Girls White Tonic Trainer

Brand: Veja Style: V-10 Velcro Ref: VEJCXJV072263 Colour: White Tonic Nothing beats a fresh wh..

£75.00 Ex Tax: £75.00

Veja V-10 Lace Boys Girls White Gum Sole Vegan Trainer

Brand: Veja Style: V-10 Lace Ref: VEJCXJL072296 Colour: White Gum Sole Nothing beats a fresh w..

£80.00 Ex Tax: £80.00

Veja V-10 Lace Boys Girls White Fluo Orange Trainer

Brand: Veja Style: V-10 Lace Ref: VEJCXJL072230 Colour: White Fluo Orange Nothing beats a fres..

£80.00 Ex Tax: £80.00

Veja Esplar Lace Boys Girls White Nautico Pekin Trainer

Brand: Veja Style: Esplar Lace Ref: VEJRSJL021577 Colour: White Nautico Pekin Gorgeous minimal..

£70.00 Ex Tax: £70.00

Skechers Microspec Gorza Boys Black-Red Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Microspec Gorza Ref: SKT97535LBKRD Colour: Black/Red The Microspec Gorza ..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Skechers Go Run 600 Hendox Boys Black-Charcoal-Blue Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Go Run 600 Hendox Ref: SKT97857LBCBL Colour: Black/Charcoal/Blue The He..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Skechers Go Run 600 Baxtux Boys Navy-Lime Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Go Run 600 Baxtux Ref: SKT97858LNVLM Colour: Navy/Lime The Go Run 600 Bax..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Skechers Flex Glow Rondler Boys Camo Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Flex Glow Rondler Ref: SKT400017LCAMO Colour: Camo The Flex Glow traine..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Skechers Bounder Boys Black-Blue-Lime Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Bounder Ref: SKT98303LBBLM Colour: Black/Blue/Lime The Bounder trainer ..

£34.00 Ex Tax: £34.00

Skechers Ultra Pulse Rapid Shift Boys Black Red Trainer

Brand: Skechers Style: Ultra Pulse Ref: DS27699-46596 Colour: Black/Red He'll have the ultimat..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Skechers Stamina-Cutback Kids Lace Up Trainer Durable Rubber Outsole Grey Black

Brand: Skechers Style: Stamina-Cutback Ref: DS29633-50227 Colour: Charcoal/Black A classic ath..

£47.00 Ex Tax: £47.00