Rieker @ Ogam Igam

At Ogam Igam we are proud to carry a growing number of women’s styles from German footwear company Rieker, a brand known for its marriage of style with high quality construction. The Rieker anti-stress technology built into every shoe ensures comfort for your feet as they feel the stresses of the day. Differing from sports shoes designed for short-term stresses, the durable rubber soles and cushioned insoles are shock-absorbent and supportive for hours at a time. Each shoe is super-lightweight which means you can enjoy the decorative elements of the shoe without ever worrying if they will suit your active lifestyle.

Rieker have been making exceptional shoes since 1874. Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany they were shoemakers to Italian gentry. They gained notoriety and have been family run for five generations. They relocated to Switzerland in the 1970’s and expanded globally, but retained the commitment to quality and innovation and prioritise supplying to independent and quality retailers.

This history and technology mixed with uncompromising style is why we stock Rieker and why we have expanded our range for Spring/Summer 2016. Cut out detailing, bright colours and metal embellishments were a big feature on the catwalks for this season and Rieker’s collection reflects these trends in their on-point styles.

Rieker 1 small 2

The Womens Mohn/Wine Sandal , Titan Sandal and Pazifik Sandal come in bold, deep colours with gorgeous metal disc detailing and each evoke a gladiator type in different ways. Their soft, supportive soles and footbed insoles mean they can be worn all day long but are also dressy enough for evening wear. If you’re looking for heels that still offer a bit more support, Rieker offer comfort with a bit more lift too. Check out the Murmel Sandal, an open toe sandal in a soft mushroom coloured leather with a stacked 5cm heel and over-sized button embellishment in a sling-back style.

Or perhaps you might prefer the Pazifik Wedge Sandal, in the same deep ‘pazifik’ blue of other styles bearing the name they also have a 5cm heel but in a wedge design and cut out fabric flowers adorn the top of the shoe. The ‘Pazifik’ range refers to the striking indigo/navy leather used for this run of designs.

Rieker 2 small

We all know that some summer days just aren’t sandal weather and for those Rieker have the solution, offering a selection of closed-toe options too. First out is the gorgeous shoe-boot Women’s Beige Mohn Shoe. It is constructed from different colours of woven leather and has a medium 4cm heel. Rieker produces several Mary Jane type shoes that are versatile and stylish; the Perle/Ice shoe, the Pazifik Shoe, the sportier Duene Grey Shoe and the Royal Blue Shoe each retain the soft, lightweight Rieker sole and combine it with unique cut leather embellishments and contrast stitching detail. There is also the Women’s White Shoe, a formal loafer that makes great workwear.

Rieker 3 small

Rieker has Spring/Summer 2016 covered and we are big fans here at Ogam Igam. Look out for a continuing line of Rieker products from us. All the shoes here are available to purchase online now and we offer free delivery (on orders over £30) and returns to all, with our newsletter subscribers receiving free 1st class delivery.