Affiliate Program

Promote Ogam Igam and earn large commissions on your referred sales

You can promote us via links in your emails, blogs, websites, social media etc.. and/or via unique coupon codes.

It's FREE to join and you can un-subscribe at any time.

Here's how it works:

Join our referral program by entering your details

Once your application is approved you can promote our website as much as you choose via social media, emails, blogs etc. with links to our site or by publishing your unique discount coupon codes for use on our site.

You can also add specific email addresses to your account, (i.e. add your friends & family) so that when we receive any orders that used the email address you will earn your commission.

We provide you with the tracked link and tracked coupon codes that you can place in your promotions. We also provide banner ad images in various sizes, social media images or other custom content as per your requests.

When a user visits our site via your link, or uses one of your coupon codes, we'll know that it was you that referred them and when they make a purchase, at any time within 50 days of their initial visit, we will reward you with your commission via PayPal or bank transfer.

There are two account options - the Coupon code method or the Link method

Choose which one to join below (note: you can join both by setting up 2 separate accounts with different emails)

Our coupon code method returns a 7.5% commission to yourself, and your referred customer gains a 7.5% discount.

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Our link method provides a 15% commission to yourself.

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